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If you read this, you want to know how to make webiste and you 've been in the right place . This guide is written in simple language and can be understood by anyone. I do not sell website creation services but I help people to create a website and I 'll tell you how to make webiste . Prepare the coffee on the table continues to read patiently until the end because this guide is long but at the end of the article you'll definitely know Cara Membuat Website Sendiri  and if you follow the steps you must already have a website .



Choose a platform for creating websites

Anyway before you worry about the domain name ( www ) or how the form design , you must first select the platform that will be in use . That ' platform ' what the hell ? Gini loh , first in the early 2000s to make a website I have to learn a programming language HTML ( web programming ) , CSS ( for website design let saucy ) and use Flash ( create moving animations ) . This learning process is lengthy and time-consuming in the manufacturing process .

So most people still had thoughts that make a website from scratch is hard. Must have a new special skills can create a website - in fact now not like it !
Around the year 2006, I introduced a Content Management System ( CMS ) is Joomla , make the website so easy for me .

Simply CMS is a platform to create a website , so we just need to make the same article websites rather dizzy HTML programming code . ( FYI , to make one article only need a code typed HTML code is longer than writing the article ) .

Now these three platforms most widely in use in the world :
WordPress ( 67 % ) , Joomla ( 12 % ) , Drupal ( 7 % )

Just look really 67 % of websites are there on the globe is made use wordpress platform . These statistics I took from website

How can everyone use WordPress ?

Because the WordPress platform so it was INCREDIBLE ! But the most important ...
Free Not Need To Pay

No entrance fee charged a dime to nge - download , install , or modification . WordPress supported very large community and most of all love free so its development is also fast .
Suitable For Beginners

If you can use Microsoft Word then you already can make articles on the website . WordPress also has the name of the plugin is free, so you can make pooling , rating articles , photo album , contact form , very easily .

Website big or small ? Not a problem

From which only the usual blog website to oniline business or even a WordPress online store can make any type of website

Many large companies use wordpress platform for creating websites

Responsive website

That wear wordpress website can be accessed use HP or tablet and its cool to see a website instantly adjusts itself to the size of the gadget reader of our website , so steady anyway .

Very Many communities

Since many who use this platform , so easy also find guides everywhere just open google definitely full article on wordpress .

The actual website you read today again made use wordpress !

Of course , there are many CMS / Platform to create a website

Joomla is similar to wordpress , not less nice too is it with wordpress only the least you should be able to technical issues such as codes of programming , let his website that can fit your tastes .

Advanced Drupal but I really do not recommend for a beginner because drupa suitably for the same who are experts in developing websites . Bad choice for a beginner if you use this platform .

If you do not want to use wordpress how ? may be just , you can use another CMS or even can also use HTML code but remember it must first learn the language program, complicated right !

For beginners I recommend create a website to use wordpress

It is clear , I personally sepengalaman most easily used and learned yes wordpress , so do not have to worry wordpress suitable also for anyone

In the next second step , we will learn the steps of his choosing www domain for your website and a suitable place to put his website.

In the third step , I would tunjukin means you need to know to install wordpress and how to modify the wordpress website

basically do not worry ahead because I would love steps and images detail let me not be confused .


It must be understood before proceeding , make sure you 've made the decision to use WordPress as a platform for your website , because below I will explain how to create a website to use wordpress .

Up here there is not the need in isntall or download , just go read on to step two .



Let her online website can be accessed everywhere , just two things:
  1. Name Domain ( ie the name of the website you )
  2. Hosting ( ie the place where you will put all your website files can be accessed let people around the world )

WordPress platform is 100% free , but for a domain name and hosting its not free so we have to buy . Do not worry the cost is not expensive , prices range from Rp 15 thousand to Rp 60 thousand per month ( less the one priced at starbucks coffe , jd not need loading and saving )

Have your own domain makes your website so proffesional example http:/ than passenger http:/ the same domain , anyway anyway domain and hosting price is not expensive so!

Where can I buy a domain and hosting ?

Many services where to buy a domain and hosting Indonesia you can look at google

There, the price is affordable , service is also good , and a 24-hour fast . Sometimes there is a free promotion so just buy domain hosting domain alone can free .

If you already bought the domain you will also have its own email , automatically more professional than disposable Gmail / Yahoo .

If you 've bought a domain ? Aja can jump directly to the third step , we instantly create your website .

Choose a Domain Name Website Matches ?

think about...
  • If you create a website for your company , so try to customize with your company name . Example :
  • If planning to create a website for personal , can use your own name . Example :
  • If you can make a name for selling online store that would be made or it could be the name of items to be in the making . Example :,

The domain name is generally in end use .com , .net , or .org but lately been a lot of domain name selection as .clothing , .singles , .Tips , .computer and more.

My advice? need not wear weird , just use the familiar .com .net or .org yet most people also taunya only .com alone .

besides .com .org .net is commonly known to many people , so it will be easier as well they remember the name of your website .

How should choose a domain ?
  1. What leads to Brand ? Examples of such website about song lyrics,
  2. Is it easy to remember ? The domain name short and easy to remember clearly than long domain name
  3. What is a catchy domain name ? of course we want a domain that we attract and easily spoken . But actually a lot of websites are online now use a domain name that is interesting - but do not give certainly could be a suitable domain name .

The point is if you're already able to name that fits and you like , just wear it alone .

  1. Choose your domain name , first think carefully before buying a domain . The domain name should reflect your name , your company , or your business .
  2. If the domain name is certain , immediately bought the domain and hosting its



If you've actually buy a domain and hosting your website can be accessed online , free content is still empty , we need to install wordpress her .

install WordPress

There are at least two ways to install wordpress hosting. The first way is very easy than to two .

If you follow my references you can use one for their way of providing this facility , but if somewhere else hosting can refer to the way 2 ( if nowhere else can use existing facilities carai 1 as well ) .

#1. One Click Installation for wordpress , joomla or drupal

Most good hosting definitely provides one- click installation , the intention to install wordpress just click - click away .

Basically all the same way even if you buy hosting somewhere else , do it like this:
  1. Sign in to your hosting account
  2. Search Control Panel ( cPanel )
  3. Click Softaculous Apps Installer then click wordpress
  4. Click Install
  5. Appears form for installation , my advice column WP DELETE WORD In this Directory means that you will install wordpress directly on your website .
  6. Now click install , the installation process will run by itself .
#2. Manual Install

Another reason may be because you have not got the facilities hosting one- click install , you can manually and in this way a bit complicated but can be followed anyway . That is the manual is downloaded wordpress files to the computer we kept all our wordpress files uploaded to the server hosting that you buy .

To use the manual method we need FTP username and password information , if you're already buying their hosting definitely love this information so a good store information.
  • Click to download when it is completed could extract the files into one folder . Open the folder and locate the file wp - config- sample.php rename to wp - config.php
  • Open wp - config.php use notepad find the line like below and then edit it to the database settings that you can from your hosting place , continue to keep.
  1. define ( ' DB_NAME' , ' database_name_here ' ) ; Change is in bold print with the name of the database
  2. define ( ' DB_USER ' , ' username_here ' ) ; Change is in bold print with username name database
  3. define ( ' DB_PASSWORD ' , ' password_here ' ) ; Change is in bold print with a password database.

    : Some hosting provide username and password information sewatu you buy , usually they send via email . Let's check your email again if there is not more to make sure its hosting support .
  • Then upload all the files wordpress hosting server to use FTP client application that can be downloaded via . Download and install ! Run the application FTPnya enter your username and password then click tombolQuickconnect .
  • If you are connected we live upload of the column ( wordpress folder on your computer ) to the right column ( hosting folder where we want to upload over there ) . If no index file in the right to remove it first because we'll change the file INDEX wordpress

    : Oh yes, you must know the upload file uploaded to the folder where , try deh asked to support the hosting for each hosting different. The upload process will take some time depending on the speed of your internet . Do not let any file that fails , then your website will appear error .
  • If you've finished uploading, access your website pages http:/ it will automatically be redirected to the page initial installation .

Follow steps installasinya until finished .

Note : Please note the username and password that you created to get into wordpress , because many new cases for wordpress on a forgotten password!

Up here the website you should have already finished and can be accessed online by anyone .

Now that he's a bit of information that can admin share. May be useful for you all . Do not forget to read the related article also Staedtler Pensil Terbaik Untuk Anak Indonesia and also other articles about Krakatau Steel Peduli Masyarakat dthe latter an existing post about Green Pramuka City Hunian Strategis dan Nyaman di Pusat Kota. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung dan membaca postingannya. Thus the GUIDE TO MAKE THE WEBSITE FOR BEGINNERS.

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